Jane Trimmer

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Hello. I'm Jane and I've been coding since before you were born. This blog is designed to be a useful resource for people who work in, or are just interested in, the wonderful world of web development.

I am going to add short tips which have been useful to me. Very often instructions for doing something 'simple' will leave out a vital step.

This blog will also be a testing ground to try out new methodologies and ways of displaying images. I shall add a photo gallery in due course.

The About me page contains details of my career and education, as well as personal info.

What I do

I am primarily a Drupal developer. However, I have the following skills:

  • Responsive web design. This means ensuring that sites render properly on any device, whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • PHP
  • javascript and jQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap

Latest blog posts

How I built this site
… using Twitter Bootstrap

Sites I've developed

The Career Break Site The UK's biggest career break website. Written in Drupal 7 and based on the Omega responsive theme, with custom modules.

Growing Old Disgracefully Older women's networking group. Drupal 6. This was designed to be managed by the ladies themselves.

Manchester & Warrington Quakers Local religious organisation. Drupal 6. The Quakers manage this site by themselves.

SugarCat Publishing My company. HTML5 with a responsive design.